Professional Garden Management

Miller Landscape & Design provides the highest quality lawn and garden management service and can assist you in bringing your garden to life.

Our philosophy is simple:

“we take care of your garden so that you can enjoy it”.

With a strong attention to detail, our team will work throughout the season giving your garden the attention it deserves.

Border care:

Regular weeding and pruning of all the plants and shrubs in your borders is essential to encourage new growth and will keep your borders in tip-top condition. Our annual programme includes a healthy top dressing of organic mulch to conserve moisture, improve the fertility and health of the soil and to suppress weeds.


Our mowing team is meticulous to say the least! We will mow and trim all agreed areas of your property. In addition to careful mowing of your lawns, our team will edge and trim all designated areas and clears all debris from walkways and drives.


Creating a series of small holes in the surface of the lawn allows the soil to breathe and prevents compaction of the root system that can interfere with drainage and nutrient absorption. Regular aeration results in a greener, healthier lawn.


We offer a full soil analysis service and either traditional or organic fertilization programmes to create the best possible conditions for your plants and lawns to thrive.

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